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3 great engagement metrics for Google Analytics

Would you like to know more about your customers? Google Analytics has some fantastic engagement metrics to get you started. Even more, Google Analytics helps you monitor and analyse your website traffic finding out:

  • where your traffic is coming from
  • how long they are spending on your site
  • what information they are looking at

Therefore, these metrics are very worthy of taking notice of on your site:

Bounce Rate

(Find it here: Audience – Overview –┬áBounce Rate)
Bounce rate measures the amount of people that leave your site after only viewing one page. This engagement metric is great because it allows you to identify if the right customer is coming to your site. If people are leaving after only visiting one page, these people aren’t the right audience!

When might you not want this? If you are only asking people to fill in a form to capture their details. If they left after entering their details, your bounce rate is fine because they are completing your goal.

Average Session Duration

(Find it: Audience – Overview – Avg. Session Duration)
According to Hubspot, 55% of visitors only spend 15 seconds on a website. If your metric shows better than 15 seconds, you are doing better than most websites! Want to improve your session duration? Try:

  • improving your design
  • let customers interact with your site
  • add video
  • link internally through your site

New and Returning Visitors

(Find it: Audience – Behaviour – New vs Returning)
A new visitor is someone that visits your site for the first time on a new device. If this one user visits on their home laptop and then their phone, these are classed as two different visitors.

A returning visitor is someone who on the same device visits you more than once. Obviously you want a good mixture of both old and new, but you do want to make sure that you keep your visitors. The more returning visitors, the more engagement and therefore, the more business you will receive.

Now to use these all together!

By combining these engagement metrics, you’re able to identify what social media points are working best for you AND to then identify what you would like to improve on AND who you want to target more of.

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