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Must-have pages for your new website

Your website is open 24/7, 365 days a year AND is the number one sales tool for your business. So even though each business is unique, it’s important to have a great online description of what you do and make sure you include the must-have pages for your website – new or existing. Homepage The […]

1 year free domain and hosting

Introducing our new offer – free domain and hosting for the first 12 months for brand new customers. No catches or gimmicks. How do you grab this deal? Fill in your details below, so we can get in touch and get you started. Subscribe * indicates required First Name Last Name Email Address * Phone […]

3 great engagement metrics for Google Analytics

Would you like to know more about your customers? Google Analytics has some fantastic engagement metrics to get you started. Even more, Google Analytics helps you monitor and analyse your website traffic finding out: where your traffic is coming from how long they are spending on your site what information they are looking at Therefore, […]

Want a high ranked website? Follow these tips!

Everyone can build a website, BUT not everyone can reach their customers. Without a website that is optimised for SEO, you will find that Google just won’t rank you.  With over 200 ranking factors in Google’s algorithm, it’s not easy to optimise your website. Databox.com managed to get 65 experts to share their best tips […]

Is DuckDuckGo Google’s best competitor?

DuckDuckGo mobile organic search visits are up 78% and apart from Google, they are the only one to increase.  Overall search visits are up 54%.The data was revealed in Merkle’s Q1 2019 Digital Marketing Report. Interesting to note that 50% of search was undertaken by mobile phones, with desktop falling by 13%. The share of mobile traffic […]

Facebook Stories increase by 200 million users since September 2018

A whopping 500 million people are using Facebook stories daily – an increase of 200 million people since September. CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed these astounding figures yesterday on an earnings call.  With these new details, companies can make the most of the fastest growing areas of social media including stories, messages and small groups. Facebook also […]

72% have used Voice Search in 2019: Microsoft

By 2020, 75% of users will have at least one smart speaker in their home based on Microsoft’s 2019 Voice Report and currently 72% have used voiced search. What are people using it for? 68% of people search for quick facts 65% of people look up directions 52% of people search for a product or […]

WooCommerce 3.6 is here AND it’s all about speed!

Just launched, and, a very worthy upgrade as WooCommerce is promising a 62% improvement in load time when ordering and filtering products AND reduced load time overall.  This is great news for your SEO but also for your customers – less wait time equals more time shopping! There are also quite a few other beneficial […]

Yoast SEO plugin introduces proper schema implementation

Before Yoast, schema.org was messy – like a jigsaw puzzle!  Google would not know how your website and your pages fitted together. Yoast have released their plugin which now “stitch together” all of the pieces into a nested structure. What does this mean for you? By installing the plugin, you’ll be able to: have richer content […]

Blockquotes are not given any special treatment: Google

It’s important to not copy content or use blockquotes according to Google.  Rehashing people’s work does not make you rank higher in SEO. If you are going to reuse someone else’s content, rewrite and make an opinion on it. A reddit user recently asked Google’s John Mueller how blockquotes are treated with their crawler and his […]