Domains and Hosting

We’ll take care of everything…registering your domain, managing email accounts and hosting your website. It doesn’t matter if you are located near or far, we are doing it all from right here in Inner West of Melbourne.

Let us take care of the details

Know the feeling of having a digital native managing these things without the stress of breaking anything. Australian Website Services roll these services into one, so you don’t have to dig that password out of the back of your notebook.

Let us take care of this for you. Special rates for not-for profit groups:

  • NFP hosting rates
  • Local hosting
  • Simple portal for email management

What is a Domain?

Your Domain name is what identifies your business on the internet so it’s important! It’s like your home address and how people find you online. You can buy Domain Names via our website. Simply type in the name you want and check if it’s available. Once you have a Domain Name, you also need to choose a Website Hosting package, but don’t worry – we offer that too.

What is Website Hosting?

Website hosting is what makes your website visible online. Your website is made up of files and the files are hosted on a server. Your computer then connects to a browser and displays the files as a web page. Hosting is essentially renting out space online for your website files.

Think of your website like a filing cabinet, you need to make sure you have enough space to store all of your folders. Well the same goes for hosting, if you want your pages to load quickly and easily you’ll need to have the right amount of space. Content like high quality images and video might need a little extra space, so the cheapest option is not always the best choice.

Our hosting packages suit websites of all shapes and sizes and will make sure you always have the right one.

What is Email Hosting?

To get that professional looking email account with your domain name you’ll need Email Hosting. This connects your Domain Name and your Hosting Account. Emails are similar to website files in that they need to be stored somewhere and you rent the space.

We provide email hosting as part of your hosting package. You can set them up or we can set them up for you – as many as you like for the size of your business.

Not sure what to choose?

Delivering First-Class Web Services

We make sure that every service from us is delivered at the highest quality. Satisfied and happy clients are our priority.

Domains, Email and Hosting

Local hosting
Email accounts
Easy login to manage accounts
Not-for-profit hosting rates

Website Development

Wordpress specialists
Mobile first design and build
Training included
Custom builds or off the shelf

'Brand You' Websites

Portfolio sites
Digital CV's
Personal Branding
Director profiles
Consultant pages
Public Speaker profiles

Website Maintenance

Wordpress updates
Package up monthly hours
Technical updates or training
Content updates

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